Obi Fortune Dubem

Obi Fortune Dubem

Fullstack Web Developer


Hello! I'm Fortune Dubem Obi, a full-stack web developer passionate about crafting exceptional web experiences. I specialize in NextJS and React for cutting-edge web development. I have hands-on experience in projects involving React, Redux, and Typescript, contributing to developing web-based chat platforms and admin panels.

Professionally, I am an Intermediate-level Frontend Web Developer at Internet Brands (contracted by Rapid River), where I've played a key role in migrating applications and integrating new features. I've also contributed significantly to open-source workspace chat apps and other innovative projects during internships.

I have expertise in languages like JavaScript, Typescript, Python and PHP specializing in ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS, and Mantine UI within web development. I love to mess around with complicated Typescript in my free time (my Typehero profile), and spend multiple days automating a two-minute task 😂.

Feel free to explore my work on GitHub, and I'm always open to discussing opportunities and collaborations. Please don't hesitate to get in touch! I occasionally try to write on my blog!